Bridge of Faith

Why Do We Need A Bridge? 

Who Is Bridge of Faith?

All the world’s great religions teach that we are all children of God and brothers and sisters, with responsibility for each others.  Most of us who are fortunate enough to live in the United States have access to many resources in abundance.  Some of our Nigerian neighbors need some of our resources to provide the basics of food, clothing, education, healthcare, and a loving, nurturing environment that should be the birthright of every child.  


Often, we discard equipment or clothes that may  be useful to others.  Many people are eager to share, but do not have a way to do so that ensures their donations will get to where they are needed. 

The journey from Awka, Nigeria, toLagos, includes crossing the mile-long bridge over the Niger River at Onitsha.  For supplies and gifts to get from the United States to Awka, a bridge is also needed.  The Bridge of Faith project provides that bridge, collecting and paying shipping costs for surplus equipment, donated goods, supplies, and money.  It provides a network of people, both in the US and in Nigeria, who ensure that the supplies are delivered and maintained appropriately.  It enables trusted local representatives to purchase supplies on the local market, whenever practical, so that the local economy may also benefit.  


We hope you can and will become a part of The Bridge of Faith. 

Since its inception, we have provided:

•A generator for the Model Motherless Babies Home

•A van for Orphanage Tenderlove

•A “solar suitcase” to provide light at night and three examining tables for the clinic at Okpuno

•500 insecticide-treated mosquito nets for several organizations, including the Biafran War Veterans settlement and a leper colony 

•Thousands of text books and school supplies for 8 primary and secondary schools

•Clothing, books, toys, food, and infant formula for 3 orphanages

•Bibles, drums, and 2 pianos to churches

•A football tournament among eleven area secondary schools

•The Heather Taylor Institute of Mathematics providing extra mathematics education for select secondary school students, including a city wide Secondary School & Primary School Mathematics Competition.

Our funding comes from donations from individuals, churches, organizations, and from ongoing sales of African crafts at churches, street fairs and craft sales.  We invite you to become a part of this bridge by donating books, children’s clothing, school supplies, and other items, by sponsoring sales of African crafts, and donating money. 


Founded in 2006, Bridge of Faith is a joint project of Faith United Church of Christ, Union, NJ, and the First Congregational Church of Verona, NJ, and is finishing our application process to become a registered non-profit organization in Nigeria. Its purpose is to mobilize people and religious organizations in New Jersey to support a variety of health and human service programs in the Awka, Nigeria area.


Faith United Church of Christ of Union, First Congregational Church (UCC) of Verona, and St. John UCC, Riegelsville, PA are working to finish building and providing for the needs of various projects in the Awka area of Nigeria...

To visit one of our Craft Sales go to our Bridge of Faith Website by following this link - Bridge of Faith